Breakthrough source of energy for laptops and cellular phones

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I invented a breakthrough source of energy. It will be useful for laptops and for cellular telephones. It will bring multi-billion profits.

Projet n°5415 - Pologne - date annonce

Recherche uniquement des capitaux :I am looking for capital in the range 1 000 000 EUR to 40 000 000 EUR for prototyping, patents and production.Recherche :
  • Investisseur
Rémunération envisagée :I offer 40% of the starting company for 40 000 000 EUR.
Nombre de personne(s) dans le projet : 1
Profil de l’équipe et apports : I have a Master's degree in Mathematics and I have published my Ph.D. Thesis: “Nonequilibrium Diffusion as a Markov Process” - Physics Letters A, December 12, 1988, page 4.

I have done research in Mathematics, Physics and Signal Theory. Some of my research can be accessed using Google: type “H. Tomasz Grzybowski” and you will find some of my articles - in particular you may want to read my very short article "Violation of the Law of Energy Conservation" on Research Gate (after clicking on "Research" you will be able to find it).

I studied Mathematics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Mathematical Physics at Rutgers University.

I have worked on signal processing: at Compression Labs Inc. (where I invented Double Data Rate Memory), and at Phylon Inc.

I have solved the Continuum Hypothesis – you can read my article titled “Strangely Elegant Beauty Hypothesis” - it is published in Research Gate.
I discovered a group of phenomena, which contradict the law of energy conservation - some
of them are practically useful. You can find my article "Violation of the Law of Energy Conservation" on Research Gate.
Ambitions de l'annonceur : The world market is 4.77 Billion of cellular telephones and 2 billion of laptops – it shows excellent growth potential.

The company does not exist yet. I do not have a prototype yet. I have a computer simulation based on equations describing functioning of my source of energy. The computer simulation is based on Classical Electrodynamics and on Circuit Theory – both of these theories have been very well experimentally confirmed.
The computer simulation of my source of energy will be helpful in the design of a prototype.

Production prototype: within 6 months after receiving start-up funds.
Building the first production line – depends upon season. In the favorable case within 6 months from the time of receiving start-up funds.
Description détaillée du projet : An inexhaustible source of energy for cellular telephones and for laptops.

Owners of cellular telephones and of laptops will not have to worry about recharging the battery.

Target market: owners of cellular telephones and of laptops – there is market for billions of units.

Sales and market access: via advertising in the Internet, TV, newspapers.

Business model: sales of the energy sources will bring the income. The company will need to spend about 2 000 000 EUR per production line for building and equipping each production line. Income will be partially used to expand production. Sales team will also need support.
Profit: if the profit is 200 EUR per unit, a single production line working 8 hours a day produces 6 000 000 units per year, then the profit is 1200 000 000 EUR per year per production line. Profit ratio: 500%.
40 000 000 EUR starting budget is desirable, so that I can place big enough orders of needed items.
(I esimate that the cost of parts for a source of energy for a cellular telephone will be about 40 EUR, so the cost of parts for one month of production will be about 20 000 000 EUR) Outsourcing production makes it possible to start with a much smaller initial budget – minimum 1000 000 EUR for prototyping, patents and small-scale production. If such small-scale production is used at the beginning, it will take time to reach yearly profits measured in billions EUR. Marketing will determine the break-even point – it will happen in a few months after starting production.
La concurrence : There is no competition – all cellular telephones and laptops use rechargeable batteries.


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